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Make The SEM Express Your Marketing Consultant for a Complete, Consistent Advertising Program!

Good advertising is advertising that works together. Every time a potential customer sees or hears your name they should immediately know you’re you! Every advertising outreach should have some of the same elements to tie it all together so there is immediate recognition. That’s why you want the full marketing services of The SEM Express! Putting together the whole package is where The SEM Express excels. They understand both the tried and true advertising media and they can lead you into the wired and wireless world where today’s customer lives!

The old rules still apply. A person usually has to see or hear about your company or your services at least three times before they act. They have to visit your store or use your services 3 times before they can be considered a regular or loyal customer. The difference today is that your opportunities to reach the potential customer are almost unlimited.


TV has often been called the image building medium. It’s a great place to tell your story and there is still a perception that television advertising is “for the big boys” so just being there may enhance your image.


Radio is the medium that says act now! You reach a mobile customer – one that can be influenced to drive by right away or on their next trip out.


While readership has declined as the Internet grows, print remains the one place where a potential customer can control the message. They can read it once – or twice or more. They can cut it out and keep it for future reference. They’re in charge and that gives print advertising value.


Identity, identity, identity. Location, location, location. Well-placed billboards are where your customers are. Whether they’re a few words showing off your biggest benefit or big sale or a directional to lead people to your door, they work to build awareness for your company and services. Today’s new opportunities – and, they’re both necessary and amazing!

Your website

Does it have the correct mix of image, company benefits and a call-to-action? Is it visually appealing? Do you know how many people are visiting it and how long they’re staying? If The SEM Express is your marketing consultant, you can say yes to all of the above.

Your SEO

That’s Search Engine Optimization and it’s about as important as any advertising can be. It’s where you are on the results page when someone searches for the goods or services you offer. It’s old-fashioned top-of-mind awareness in a different medium. It will drive potential customers to your website and your place of business. The SEM Express knows how to take you to the top. How important is that? A recent study showed that 89% of buyers use the Internet before they buy. That’s almost everyone!

Social Media

You might not have thought of social media – sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instragram – as a market place, but they are. Consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchased based on social medial referrals. Another study showed that 74% rely (that’s a very strong word!) on social networks to guide purchasing decisions. The SEM Express knows how to use social media to make you and your company your customer’s friend.

Blogs, email blasts. reviews and much more

The Internet has many ways to increase the awareness of your company. The SEM Express knows them all. Whether it’s making sure that your reviews garner the right number of stars or that your Facebook posts are entertaining, educational and successful, The SEM Express gets the job done right! You’ll be guided by proven professionals with a winning record as you grow your presence in today’s newest – and maybe biggest – marketplace!

Internet Sales

The SEM Express is the company that can guide your success. One of their clients is frequently the biggest seller in their product category on Amazon – and you probably have an idea of how huge that is!

“If you don’t have someone responsible and accountable for turning all of the online dials and clearly setting the direction for your online strategy as well as making sure your strategy lines up with all of the other marketing programs that are being executed, your online strategy will fail.”

Rob Crigler, Director of Interactive Marketing, Orkin.

Brooklyn Bedding

400% growth in online sales!

  • Their Problem
  • Our Solution
  • The Success
  • Brooklyn Bedding is a major mattress manufacturer that sells theirs beds online and in 30+ brick and mortar locations. They needed to expand their ecommerce business while maintaining their presence as a local mattress retailer. Traditional advertising programs had not had success - they came to The SEM Express looking for other options.

  • The SEM Express created a comprehensive digital marketing strategy incorporating: Google AdWords, Facebook / Instagram, YouTube, celebrity endorsements and Re-Targeting. A nationwide radio campaign was also implemented featuring Ryan Seacrest and Elvis Duran.

  • Brooklyn Beddings online sales - on their website alone - have gone from $260,000 / month to $1,300,000 / month. They have been featured in Muscle & Fitness, The Doctors TV show, Vogue and Home & Garden. Their ads can be heard nationwide. The company has gone from operating in a small 1000 square foot office to owning and operating their own 170,000 square foot building.

Red Mountain Weight Loss

100% gain in ROI!

  • Their Problem
  • Our Solution
  • The Success
  • Red Mountain Weight Loss is a medical weight loss company operating out of Scottsdale, Arizona. They were looking to expand their digital presence and had a hard time getting results out of the vendors they had been using. They contacted The SEM Express in hopes of creating a partnership that could solve their digital dilemma.

  • The SEM Express created a digital strategy that included a heavy dose of Social Media, Google AdWords & YouTube. Search Engine Optimization was also going to be a major push - as the industry is very competitive and sustaining a high PPC budget was not a long term goal.

  • We reduced the overall spend while increasing the ROI by more than 100%. They went from having no keywords on the 1st page of Google, to having more than 100.They have gone from 4 locations to 7. They have been able to build their own corporate building & create a fully functioning pharmacy. Their social media has been so successful they hired a in-house team to support & manage it.

Amazing Lash Studio

200% increase in booked appointments!

  • Their Problem
  • Our Solution
  • The Success
  • Amazing Lash Studio is a franchise concept specializing in eyelash extensions. They needed help getting control of their social media, search engine marketing and search engine optimization. They had to many vendors doing to many different things and needed help reigning it all in, while at the same time maximizing results.

  • Corporate: The SEM Express developed a digital marketing strategy that cleaned up most of the social media inaccuracies, put into place an extensive PPC campaign and consulted on several other marketing initiatives. Local studio's: The SEM Express took over their social media burdens and helped ensure their Google PPC campaigns were running appropriately

  • Amazing Lash Studio has grown from 82 locations to 100+. Their social media is now both consistent and manageable. The 1st studio The SEM Express managed directly saw an increase in their "requested appointments" by almost 200% in 60 days. Their budget was also reduced by $700.