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Social Media Management

Limited Time Offer: $100 Off Any Facebook Or Twitter Advertising Campaign. Social Media Management - How to Get Top-of-Mind Awareness In Today's World!

Good advertising is designed to take you to the top – of your potential customer’s mind. Top-of-Mind-Awareness is simple. It means that your company is one of the first names they remember when they go shopping for the goods or services you provide. So, how do you get there? You get the professional help of a Social Media Marketing expert. You call The SEM Express.

The SEM Express understands the new marketplace. They know that your competition isn’t just that other store down the street; your customer isn’t just strolling by. Your consumer is sitting at home – maybe in their p.j.'s -- making decisions before they buy. And, where they’re spending most of their time is on a social media site – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram lead the pack. The SEM Express can literally reach your potential customer where they live – at home and on Internet Social Media sites.

Social Media Marketing builds success and The SEM Express knows how to build a successful social media campaign. Here are just a few statistics to consider.

Social media is the top online activity with adults. They spend an average of 37 minutes a day on social media sites.

Business News Daily reported that almost 2/3 of all online shoppers have read product-related comments on Facebook.

Another survey found that more than half of the shoppers who followed through and visited a business’ website after reading about them on social media bought the product.

That’s a big base of potential customers! Add to those statistics the fact that, according to GE Capital Retail Bank, 81% of all consumers research on the Internet before they make a major purchase.

You need to be where your customers are. You have to create a positive image for your customer across the social media marketplace – and it is a marketplace.

Social Media Management

The SEM Express understands how social media works and how to build a campaign that will build your success. Here are the 4 top things Social Media Marketing through The SEM Express can do for you:

Increase your company's recognition

This is building the top-of-mind awareness that builds your success. Social Media Marketing does two important things. First it makes you more familiar and recognizable to existing customers while it introduced you to new customers. Next, it makes finding you easier and more accessible. You are just a click away!

More opportunities to convert a visitor to a customer

When you use Social Media Marketing, every time you post or a post links to your website, you are reaching old customers, recent customers and potential customers. You’re interacting with them and those interactions could lead to a site visit and a new customer. You are creating a huge number of opportunities to build you customer base.

You become more human

Social Media Marketing is humanizing. When you use Social Media Marketing you are acting like the people who are using social media. Contacts through social media have a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. The reason is simple. People want to do business with people not companies. Your interactions are building a bond and building trust.

Improves loyalty

Companies who engage their customers on social media channels are rewarded with higher loyalty from the customers. Your Social Media Marketing could morph a customer to a brand loyal customer, according to a report by Texas Tech University. Another study by Convince and Convert found that 53% of Americans who follow a brand in social media are more loyal to the brands. Simply, you’re building a relationship – a lasting relationship.

Brooklyn Bedding

400% growth in online sales!

  • Their Problem
  • Our Solution
  • The Success
  • Brooklyn Bedding is a major mattress manufacturer that sells theirs beds online and in 30+ brick and mortar locations. They needed to expand their ecommerce business while maintaining their presence as a local mattress retailer. Traditional advertising programs had not had success - they came to The SEM Express looking for other options.

  • The SEM Express created a comprehensive digital marketing strategy incorporating: Google AdWords, Facebook / Instagram, YouTube, celebrity endorsements and Re-Targeting. A nationwide radio campaign was also implemented featuring Ryan Seacrest and Elvis Duran.

  • Brooklyn Beddings online sales - on their website alone - have gone from $260,000 / month to $1,300,000 / month. They have been featured in Muscle & Fitness, The Doctors TV show, Vogue and Home & Garden. Their ads can be heard nationwide. The company has gone from operating in a small 1000 square foot office to owning and operating their own 170,000 square foot building.

Red Mountain Weight Loss

100% gain in ROI!

  • Their Problem
  • Our Solution
  • The Success
  • Red Mountain Weight Loss is a medical weight loss company operating out of Scottsdale, Arizona. They were looking to expand their digital presence and had a hard time getting results out of the vendors they had been using. They contacted The SEM Express in hopes of creating a partnership that could solve their digital dilemma.

  • The SEM Express created a digital strategy that included a heavy dose of Social Media, Google AdWords & YouTube. Search Engine Optimization was also going to be a major push - as the industry is very competitive and sustaining a high PPC budget was not a long term goal.

  • We reduced the overall spend while increasing the ROI by more than 100%. They went from having no keywords on the 1st page of Google, to having more than 100.They have gone from 4 locations to 7. They have been able to build their own corporate building & create a fully functioning pharmacy. Their social media has been so successful they hired a in-house team to support & manage it.

Amazing Lash Studio

200% increase in booked appointments!

  • Their Problem
  • Our Solution
  • The Success
  • Amazing Lash Studio is a franchise concept specializing in eyelash extensions. They needed help getting control of their social media, search engine marketing and search engine optimization. They had to many vendors doing to many different things and needed help reigning it all in, while at the same time maximizing results.

  • Corporate: The SEM Express developed a digital marketing strategy that cleaned up most of the social media inaccuracies, put into place an extensive PPC campaign and consulted on several other marketing initiatives. Local studio's: The SEM Express took over their social media burdens and helped ensure their Google PPC campaigns were running appropriately

  • Amazing Lash Studio has grown from 82 locations to 100+. Their social media is now both consistent and manageable. The 1st studio The SEM Express managed directly saw an increase in their "requested appointments" by almost 200% in 60 days. Their budget was also reduced by $700.